Fall 2018
STEM Package

Includes the following 3 Courses:

  • Inquiry, Tech, & Innovation in Science
  • 3D Printing in the Classroom
  • Using GeoGebra Apps to Foster Discovery Learning

Inquiry, Tech, & Innovation in Science

In this EdTechTeam Online course we will explore how to integrate inquiry and technology into our science classrooms. With innovative tools at our disposal, we can tap into informational databases and ask the world for insight and feedback about prototypes we design ourselves.

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3D Printing in the Classroom

A 3D printer provides meaningful work while encouraging the deeper learning we look for with our students. This course walks you through the best practices and example lessons to get you up and running with your 3D printer!

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Using GeoGebra Apps to Foster Discovery Learning

Students can use GeoGebra to construct, analyze, make conjectures, test those conjectures, and conceptually discover new knowledge. In this course, we will quickly explore all four GeoGebra apps and will learn how to effectively use the tools.

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These online STEM courses will empower you to take your curriculum to new and exciting levels.



  • 3 Courses (Science and Inquiry, GeoGebra, 3D Printing)
  • Each Course is 15 hours (Total of 45 hours)
  • Each Course has an optional 1 graduate credit from Adams State University for an additional $79/credit (Total of 3 credits available)
  • Just In Time- Work at your own pace and complete courses on your own time
  • Save 33% when you sign up for all 3. 

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