Go deeper with EdTechTeam authors with an online book study. Each book study is 15 hours of reading, learning, and practical application.  This is a great opportunity for groups of teachers from one school or individual teachers who wish to collaborate and learn with others from around the world.

  • 1 Graduate credit from Adams State University is included with each course.
  • Books must be purchased separately from Amazon.

See available online book studies below.

Illuminate: Technology Enhanced Learning

The goal of the Illuminate: Technology Enhanced Learning online course will be to show teachers how to intentionally implement technology into their classrooms to design meaningful learning experiences for their students!


Martians In Your Classroom

Get ready for a journey to discover forecasted changes in the world around us and how you can equip the Martians in our classrooms for careers that are out of this world and down to Earth.


Design With Intention: A Learning Space Course for Educators

This online learning opportunity provides teachers and leaders a chance to grow more intentional about the concepts of learning space design in schools. It is designed as an introduction to many of the concepts found in the book: The Space: A Guide for Educators.


50 Ways to Use YouTube in The Classroom

In this online course, we’ll use the 50 Ways to Use YouTube in the Classroom as a guide, and you’ll learn to harness YouTube for more than just passive viewing. You’ll leverage it for dynamic learning, for creating and publishing your own original content, and for gaining the skills and confidence to meet this media-first generation of students where they are at in any content area and any classroom.


Bring an Author To Your School

We have 3 options for you to spread learning across your staff.

1 Hour Virtual PD


Bring more excitement and learning to a staff meeting by inviting the author to lead a 1 hour virtual training.

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Custom Book Study


20 Teachers

Bring a custom Online Book Study to your staff. This offer includes an online course and books for up to 20 staff and a 1 hr virtual PD with the author. 

*Graduate Credit sold separately*

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4 Hour in Person PD


Dig in deeper by bringing an author to your school for a 4 hour professional learning training.

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