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On Demand self-paced courses from EdTechTeam focus on real world application of new learning, opportunities to collaborate or network, and an option to to earn graduate credit. Each course is written by experts in the field, with timely topics such as Global Collaboration, Assistive Technology, ELL, SEL, Equity, Digital Citizenship, the 4 Cs and more, including courses on Google, Apple, and STEM skills of course. Don't miss this introductory pricing for a year of access to the entire catalog of anytime courses!




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  • All On-Demand Courses
  • All Bite-Sized Mini Courses
  • Monthly Digital Workshops (Starting in January 2020)

**Graduate Credit and other facilitated Courses are available for an additional cost.**

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Access to all of our On Demand Courses 
  • Monthly Digital Workshops Series (Starting in January 2020)
  • Access to all Bite-Sized Courses

Subscription does not include facilitated courses such as Teacher Leader Cohorts, Google Certified Educator Online Cohorts, Book Studies, or Masterclasses. Graduate credit is sold separately.

No refunds will be approved after 30 days or after completion of one course, whichever comes first. Subscriptions will auto renew annually. You may decide not to renew in one year.

Graduate Credit is available for an additional $155/credit. Each credit is 15 hours or 1 Semester credit. We partner with Adams State University in Alamosa, Co for credit.

Each course is 15 hours of learning and application.

1 semester graduate credit may be earned for each course. Graduate credit is an additional cost.

Yes! We are excited about some of our new courses coming out in 2020!

Google Drive and Docs

Google Slides and Drawings

Google Forms and Sheets

Gmail and Calendar

Google Sites


Paperless Classroom

Advanced Sheets

Primarily Google

GSuite for New Teachers

Setting the Stage for Equitable and Culturally Responsive Classrooms

Supporting SEL and Wellness for All Students

Digital Citizenship

Math and GSuite

Science and Inquiry


3D Printing

Teach Teachers with Confidence

Assistive Technology

ELL Literacy Strategies

The 4 C's

Global Collaboration

Creating Global Learning with Geo Tools

A Brand New Earth

Chromebooks in the Classroom

Chromebook Student Repair Teams

Education Leader as an Agent of Change

GSuite for Classified/Clerical

Apple Teacher iPad

Apple Teacher Mac


Yes- please check out any one of our Bite-Sized Courses to see what taking an EdTechTeam Online Course is like.

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