3-D Printing in the Classroom

A 3D printer provides meaningful work while encouraging the deeper learning we look for with our students. This course walks you through the best practices and example lessons to get you up and running with your 3D printer!


Hands On.

One of the best ways to learn is to build with your own two hands. This course takes you through the process of designing to creation.  

Imagine it. Design it.
Print it.

Bring the promise of 3D printing to life by constructed real world objects from your own imagination.

Creativity and Problem Solving built in.

3D printing is an enterprise that combines the intellectual process of creation with the hands on problem solving of the real world.

Here's What You'll Learn

Throughout this course we look at the hardware, software and workflow that can be used within the classroom. We also examine numerous models, how to design them and make custom adjustments.

Creativity. Problem solving. Grit. All attributes we look for in our students. As educators, we seek lessons, activities and projects that showcase these abilities in our students and provide the opportunity to showcase them. Technology is a useful medium for these qualities to present themselves. And few enterprises can achieve this mindset from our students than the work completed with a 3D printer. The tool provides meaningful work while encouraging the deeper learning we look for.

Most of us have had the experience of appreciating an artist through their art. The effort and thoughtfulness required by the artist comes out from the work itself. This is possible with 3D printing technology. The act of imagining a model, designing the structure, printing and troubleshooting errors that arise. All these are embedded aspects of the physical creation of a 3D printed items.

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