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EdTechTeam and ACER have teamed up to produce a series of free bite-sized online courses.  

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Getting Started with your ACER Chromebook

New to Chromebooks? Learn all about the features of these devices in this bite-sized course. 

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Getting Started with your ACER Chromebook TAB

Learn about the key features of the ACER Chromebook Tab, including great tips for using Google Expeditions and Jamboard. 

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Inquiry Based Learning

In this course you will be able to garner ideas for inspiring and engaging students through the use of technology. 

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Sketchnotes in the Classroom

Learn the basics of Sketchnoting and how you can use it in your classroom. 

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Choose your own Adventure with Google Slides

Learn how to create Choose Your Own Adventures with Google Slides.

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Introduction to Google Classroom

New to Google Classroom? Learn how to created a collaborative classroom in this online course - featuring Howdou

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Google Assistant in Education

OK Google... Learn how the Google Assistant can be used to support learning. 

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10 Distance Learning Tools

Learn how to use cutting-edge tools and skills for remote learning, guided by our team of professionals.

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Google Classroom - Intermediate

Go further with Google Classroom using Howdou interactive tutorials. 

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Google Data Studio

Learn how to use this free Google Marketing Platform tool to transform your data into customised reports. 

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Games-Based Learning

Ways to integrate technology to engage students in games through problem-solving, collaboration and creativity.

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