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Create Memories, Record Memories, and Share- 50% off Now!

Uncategorized Nov 23, 2018

Remember just last week when students shared their project with the class? You swelled with pride as students talked about their learning and hard work. You may have even taken out your phone to capture that moment.

Of course, it wasn’t just one moment that you captured with the camera app. You have taken many photos of your students engrossed in learning, helping other students, celebrating their successes, and working with community members. Now that you have recorded these memories, it is time to share them with the yearbook.

Except, your students cannot afford to purchase the $40-$100 yearbooks.


Your school gave up on selling yearbooks after no one purchased them. 

From the other side of this screen, I can hear your chest fall. But I am here to tell you that your students can create, record, and share their memories using free GSuite apps such as Google Slides, Google Classroom, and Google Photos. I am here to tell you that the only yearbook cost should be the cost to print the yearbook.

In Spring 2018, my Compton Jr. High School students sold their high-quality yearbook to 235 students for just $10 presale and then $15.

All the written resources are available for free, as they should be, on BUT sometimes we need a little bit extra. For example, sometimes we need videos with “Play, Pause & Practice” moments. Sometimes we need well-designed lessons in photography, photo storage, graphic design in Google Slides, and yearbook layout. Sometimes we need a collaborative community to inspire ideas. That is where the Create a Yearbook in Google Slides EdTechTeamOnline Course runs to your rescue.

The best part is:

The Create a Yearbook in Google Slides Course is 50% off 11/23-11/26!!!!!

Use Coupon Code: CYBER18

Your students’ memories deserve to be recorded and shared for future generations. And, your students can do just that by creating their yearbooks in Google Slides.


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