Math Wizard Certificate

Math Wizard Certificate


The Math Wizards Certificate includes Google Forms and Sheets, Math and GSuite and Advanced Spreadsheets.

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Google Forms and Sheets: Google Forms helps you make surveys, polls and quizzes in your classroom while giving you instant feedback through Google Sheets. In this course, you will learn some of the powerful ways to use Google Forms and Sheets in your school and appreciate the versatility of these amazing tools.

Math and GSuite: Technology has always had a place in our math classrooms; whether through calculators, statistical software or graphing applications. This course will challenge your thinking of how technology can be used to deepen understanding, increase engagement and enhance communication in a math classroom. Looking at tools for understanding, communication and engagement, this course will guide you through creating a blended unit using the technology that is readily available at your school.

Advanced Spreadsheets: Google Forms and Sheets are two of the most useful components in the G Suite toolset. With Google Forms you can collect and validate data entries. With Google Sheets users can organize, analyze and display the collected data. In this course, you will learn a variety of methods to use Google Forms and Sheets in your school or classroom and utilize the advanced features of these tools.

If you would like to earn 3 graduate credit for an additional $55/credit from Adams State University in Alamosa Colorado, please click here to register and pay. Please register for all 3 courses.