Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology


During this course, we will look at some of the various assistive technology tools that are readily available which students and teachers can access to enhance, support and overcome various exceptionalities. The primary focus of this course will be centered around tips and strategies for students with learning disabilities. 

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    Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

    • Understand what Executive Functioning, Assistive Technology (AT) and Universal Design Learning (UDL) are and how they look in the classroom
    • How to support and assess all learners equally
    • Understand how to use and implement some of the best accessibility tools

    Watch the Sneak Preview YouTube Live session:

    Feedback from participants: 

    "Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this class.  I am really impressed by all of the Google extensions and iOS accessibility features that are available to enhance the learning experience for my students.    I can confidently say that I am even more well prepared now to meet the varying needs of my students.  I thought I was already doing a good job of differentiating my instruction, but after taking this course, it has opened my eyes to the many resources available to educators.  I look forward to exploring even more.  Our district will be 1-1 next year with the implementation of Chromebooks.  I am looking forward to sharing my new knowledge with my students."


    • Online course
    • flexible and on your own schedule
    • 15 hours tota
    • Optional: 1 Graduate Credit from Adams State University
    • Course Platform: Google Course Builder

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