Education Leader As Agent of Change

Education Leader as Agent of Change

Course Description: Administrators and Education Leaders are the agents of change, whether at the school or district level. Yet, change is never easy. It is often complex and complicated. This course will focus on factors that influence the school-change process through fostering a culture of innovation and curiosity to empower teachers to embrace change.



During this course, education leaders will:

  • Explore the role of Edu Leader as an agent of change in positive systemic change.
  • Understand the power and significance of collaborating for a shared vision.
  • Reflect on the importance of developing a Culture of Innovation in school change.
  • Learn about the Diffusion of Innovation model to recognize key contributors. 
  • Examine frameworks for the integration of technology to support instruction.
  • Review ways to model technology in personal workflow and learning.
  • Consider complex change management in supporting school transformation.


  • Online course
  • 2-3 weeks
  • flexible and on your own schedule
  • 15 hours total
  • $99 USD



Education Leaders as Agent of Change- $99 USD


Course Facilitator

As Assistant Superintendent Learning, Simone Gessler is working to positively disrupt traditional practices in education and to empower educators by encouraging them to embrace change. She is passionate about #leadershipedu and #schoolchange and is on a mission to connect education leaders to support school change efforts.

Simone has been successful in implementing programs and models that build leadership at every level; student, teacher, and administrator. She holds a Masters in Educational Administration, is a Google Certified Teacher, Trainer, and Innovator (#den18) and is a recipient of Canada’s Outstanding Principals Award.

Simone facilitates GSuite for Edu Leaders workshops and presents at EdTechTeam events and similar teacher conferences. She continues to seek out ways to fill the gap for education leaders to be involved in authentic and meaningful professional development that supports school transformation and courageous leadership.