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Zero To Ninja


Gamified Learning

Want to become a Ninja with Google Tools? Complete Challenges and earn badges to become a Ninja!


Bite Sized PD


1 Hour/Course

It is like SuperMarket Sample Day! You get the best of the best, in digestible pieces.



Google Tools Courses


1 Graduate Credit Available

Learn best practices with Google tools and how to employ them in your classroom.


Courses On Demand


1 Graduate Credit Available

Check out our courses on Meeting All Learners, Extending your classroom and STEM.



Graduate Credit from Adams State University is available for an additional $79. Each course is one graduate credit. To earn the credit you must first complete the course you selected, then you must sign up for the graduate credit. Click here for more information.

Basic Google Tools Courses

Now Just $99 USD

Are you interested in going deeper? EdTechTeam now offers anytime, anywhere learning to help you advance your skills and knowledge! Explore and discover our ever expanding catalog of online courses that have been built and designed with U in mind. Our courses include 15 hours of deep learning, application, and authenticity. Each course will connect you to global experts on each topic and build you a valuable and supportive learning community. 

Google Drive and Docs

Create! Collaborate! Share! Learn the power of Google Drive and Docs! In this 15 hour course, you will learn how to use Google Drive and Docs in your classroom.

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Forms and Sheets

Create! Collaborate! Share! Learn how Google Forms can help you make surveys, polls and quizzes in your classroom while giving you instant feedback through Google Sheets.

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Slides and Drawings

Create! Collaborate! Share! In this course, you will learn about Google Slides and Google Drawings and you will get to see how the 2 tools work together.

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Gmail and Calendar

Gmail and Google Calendar are essential parts of the G Suite for Education. Knowing how to use Gmail and Google calendar efficiently will save you lots of time as you organize your messages and plan ahead.

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Google Sites

Create! Collaborate! Share! Learn the power of the NEW Google Sites! In this 15 hour course, you will learn how to create a Site for your classroom, as a student portfolio and for professional development.

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Paperless Classroom

Google Classroom is your Mission Control for your Digital Classroom. It provides the organization and workflow for a paperless classroom. Classroom wraps up the power of Google Drive and Google Calendar.

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Google Tools Starter Bundle

Get all 6 Basic Google Tools Courses for $500.

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Other Google Tools Courses

YouTube in the Classroom

Video is a powerful medium for bringing relevant engaging information to your classroom. YouTube allows our students to experience events, places, and people that might otherwise not be possible.

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Math and GSuite

Looking at tools for understanding, communication and engagement, this course will guide you through creating a blended unit using the technology that is readily available at your school.

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Advanced Spreadsheets

In this course, you will learn a variety of methods to use Google Forms and Sheets in your school or classroom and utilize the advanced features of these tools.

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Google Tools Add-On Bundle

Get access to YouTube in the Classroom, Math and GSuite, and Advanced Spreadsheets for $250.

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Meeting All Learners

Assistive Technology

This course will look at the various assistive technology tools that can  enhance, support and overcome various exceptionalities.

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ELL Literacy Strategies

We will examine effective ELL strategies within each of the five literacy elements and consider how you can apply them into your own literacy instruction.

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The 4 C's

As educators incorporate the 4Cs into their lessons and classrooms, they can be assured that they are teaching the skills their students will need to be successful.

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Primarily Google

What can our littlest learners create in the Google Suite? We will explore tools in the Google Suite that can be used to support learning and creativity in the primary grades.

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Meeting All Learners Bundle

Get access to all 4 Meeting All Learners Courses for $325.

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Extending Your Classroom

Global Collaboration

Forget the textbook for a minute and learn how to get connected with teachers all over the globe as you open your classroom door and invite the world in.

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Creating Global Learners with Geo Tools

Expand their horizons by including Google’s Geo tools and apps so students can grow their understanding of how they fit in the global landscape.

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A Brand New Earth

This course will provide you with a hands-on guide to the features of New Google Earth and multiple lesson plan ideas that you can start implementing with your students today!

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Extending Your Classroom Bundle

Get all 3 courses for $275.

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STEM Courses


In this course, we will explore all four GeoGebra apps and will learn how to effectively use these apps to engage students in active, student-centered, discovery-based learning experiences.  

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3D Printing

A 3D printer provides meaningful work while encouraging the deeper learning we look for with our students. This course walks you through the best practices and example lessons to get you up and running with your 3D printer!

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Science and Inquiry

This course will explore how to integrate inquiry and technology into our science classrooms. Looking at inquiry-based teaching and learning, you'll experiment new ways to demonstrate the scientific method while providing structure amid the discovery. 

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STEM Bundle

Get access to all 3 STEM Courses for $275.

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Creating a Yearbook with Google Slides

This is a 3 Credit Course and will take 45 hours to complete.

Creating Yearbook with Google Slides

Given a blank slate and the right tools, students can create anything. In this course, participants will learn how to use Google Slides as a graphic design platform to create a high-quality, yet inexpensive, yearbook, as well as student-created infographics, presentations, published books, and more!

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Chromebook In the Classroom

Get started using a Chromebook today! The Chromebook in the Classroom online course explores how to begin using a Chromebook and the Chrome Browser.

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Chromebook Student Repair Team Course

In this course, you will learn both the “why” and “how” of starting your own Chromebook Student Repair Team.

Course is $49 and upon completion of this course you will receive $50 in credit from


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Apple Courses

Apple Teacher Online Course for iPad

The EdTechTeam Online Course featuring Apple Teacher for iPad is the best support for educators pursuing Apple Teacher recognition independently.

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Apple Teacher Online Course for Mac

The EdTechTeam Online Course featuring Apple Teacher is the best support for educators pursuing Apple Teacher recognition independently.

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Leadership and Classified/Clerical

Education Leader as Agent of Change

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GSuite for Classified/Clerical

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"I am ecstatic to say, I have changed my teaching!! I used the midterm review Google Slide I created with my Alg II classes, it was fantastic. It completely put Student Agency in the front of my mind. The students created, shared, and worked together. They owned their math. Had I not done that as a Google Slide, it would have been a traditional boring midterm review. "

Google Slides and Drawings

"At the high school I teach at we switch students after Semester I. I created a Google Slide "About Me" and had the students share themselves with me. I went one step FURTHER - very fun - Each day a student walks in, I have one of their Google Slides on the screen. We talk about their hobbies, family. Now creating a Trigonometry Template, that will actually be used. Again, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO. You have completely motivated me. Learning has changed which means teaching must change. Students appreciate efforts when teachers make learning current and interesting. "

Lorelle Hopkinton

"Flipped and blended learning was a relatively new concept for me. I knew other teachers were starting to incorporate it in their classrooms; however, I never pursued learning more about it until now. This course has opened my eyes to ways I can reach all learners like I have never done before. "

Lisa Dykstra

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