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EdTechTeam offers anytime, anywhere learning to help you advance your skills and knowledge! Explore and discover our expanding catalog of online courses that have been built and designed with you in mind. Our courses include 15 hours of deep learning, application, and authenticity. Each course will connect you to global experts on each topic and build you a valuable and supportive learning community. 

Each On-Demand course requires collaboration with other course members. Students interact by posting reflections and responding to others’ ideas and projects within the Online EdTech community and on social media. Instructors follow and respond to member posts, consult, are always available for questions, and provide specific feedback on final projects.

Graduate Credit from Adams State University is available for an additional fee. Each course is one graduate credit. To earn the credit you must first complete the course you selected, then you must sign up for the graduate credit. Click here for more information.

Basic Google Tools Courses

Google Drive and Docs

Create! Collaborate! Share! Learn the power of Google Drive and Docs! In this 15 hour course, you will learn how to use Google Drive and Docs in your classroom.

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Forms and Sheets

Create! Collaborate! Share! Learn how Google Forms can help you make surveys, polls and quizzes in your classroom while giving you instant feedback through Google Sheets.

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Slides and Drawings

Create! Collaborate! Share! In this course, you will learn about Google Slides and Google Drawings and you will get to see how the 2 tools work together.

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Gmail and Calendar

Gmail and Google Calendar are essential parts of the G Suite for Education. Knowing how to use Gmail and Google calendar efficiently will save you lots of time as you organize your messages and plan ahead.

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Google Sites

Create! Collaborate! Share! Learn the power of Google Sites! In this 15 hour course, you will learn how to create a Site for your classroom, as a student portfolio and for professional development.

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Paperless Classroom

Google Classroom is your Mission Control for your Digital Classroom. It provides the organization and workflow for a paperless classroom. Classroom wraps up the power of Google Drive and Google Calendar.

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Other Google Tools Courses

YouTube in the Classroom

Video is a powerful medium for bringing relevant engaging information to your classroom. YouTube allows our students to experience events, places, and people that might otherwise not be possible.

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Math and GSuite

Looking at tools for understanding, communication and engagement, this course will guide you through creating a blended unit using the technology that is readily available at your school.

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Advanced Spreadsheets

In this course, you will learn a variety of methods to use Google Forms and Sheets in your school or classroom and utilize the advanced features of these tools.

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Meeting the Needs of All Learners

Supporting SEL and Wellness for All Students

You’re an educator who wants a healthy, positive, and productive classroom for your students. By taking this course and adding to your teaching toolkit, you’ll be better equipped to support the whole child in your classroom. 


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Teach Teachers With Confidence

Explore adult learning styles and how to best design sessions to meet the needs of colleagues in your training sessions.


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GSuite for New Teachers

 In this course, you will explore this powerful suite of tools and be confident that you are using G Suite in the most innovative ways to enhance student learning while improving collaboration and productivity with colleagues.

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Teaching in a UDL World

This course will look at the various assistive technology tools that can  enhance, support and overcome various exceptionalities.

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ELL Literacy Strategies

We will examine effective ELL strategies within each of the five literacy elements and consider how you can apply them into your own literacy instruction.

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The 4 C's

As educators incorporate the 4Cs into their lessons and classrooms, they can be assured that they are teaching the skills their students will need to be successful.

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Leadership and Classified/Clerical

Education Leader as Agent of Change

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GSuite for Classified/Clerical

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