Science & Inquiry in the Classroom

How can we use technology-infused lessons to engage students in scientific inquiry?


Engaging Lessons

Learn how to use the 5E Lesson Model to enhance your science lessons!

Hands-on Inquiry

Discover what leads to significant hands-on inquiry work in science classrooms and Makerspaces.

Curious Learners

Engage learners to be curious and inquisitive though the use of Hyperdocs, GSuite Apps and innovative tools. 

Welcome science teachers and science lovers!

Curiosity and a quest to understand who we are drive scientists to explore and evaluate how their world works. With innovative tools at our disposal, we can tap into informational databases and ask the world for insight and feedback about prototypes we design ourselves. From Marie Curie to Elon Musk - scientists have used the best, most modern tools they can find to tackle the questions and problems of their world.  In this EdTechTeam Online course we will explore how to integrate inquiry and technology into our science classrooms. 

We'll teach you how to create effective lesson plans that reach all your learners based on the 5E Model. Looking at inquiry-based teaching and learning, you'll experiment new ways to demonstrate the scientific method while providing structure amid the discovery. From science labs to Makerspaces, this course is full of hands-on learning opportunities to bring your science classroom to life. 


  • 15 hours total
  • 1 Graduate Credit from Adams State University available for an additional $155
  • Just in Time- Work at your own pace and complete lessons on your own time
  • Link to syllabus

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Make your science class come to life with the new tools and tips presented in this 15 hour online course.


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