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Google Drive and Docs

Create! Collaborate! Share! Learn the power of Google Drive and Docs! In this 15 hour course, you will learn how to u...

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Google Forms and Sheets

Google Forms helps you make surveys, polls, and quizzes in your classroom while giving you instant feedback through G...

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Gmail and Calendar

Gmail and Google Calendar are essential parts of the G Suite for Education. Knowing how to use Gmail and Google calen...

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Google Sites

Create! Collaborate! Share! Learn the power of the NEW Google Sites! In this 15 hour course, you will learn how to cr...

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YouTube in the Classroom

Video is a powerful medium for bringing relevant engaging information to your classroom. YouTube allows our students ...

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Paperless Classroom

Google Classroom is your Mission Control for your Digital Classroom. It provides the organization and workflow for a ...

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Google Slides and Drawings

In this course, you will learn about Google Slides and Google Drawings and you will get to see how the 2 tools work t...

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September 2018 Teacher Leader 2 Cohort

September 17-December 9th Service Learning and Empathy: September 17- 30 Visual Design for Educators: Oct...

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Primarily Google

What can our littlest learners create in the Google Suite? In this course, we will explore tools in the Google Suite ...

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Chromebooks in the Classroom

 Get started using a Chromebook today! The Chromebook in the Classroom online course explores how to begin using...

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GSuite for Classified and Clerical Staff

In our G Suite for Clerical and Classified staff online course, you will move through seven Google Apps: Chrome, Driv...

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Global Collaboration in the Classroom

Forget the textbook for a minute and learn how to get connected with teachers all over the globe as you open your cla...

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