Chromebooks in the Classroom

 Get started using a Chromebook today! The Chromebook in the Classroom online course explores how to begin using a Chromebook and the Chrome Browser. You will learn how Chromebooks are different from laptops, how to use Google Chrome and how to personalize these tools to use for increased productivity in your classroom.  

In the Chromebooks in the Classroom Course students will:

  • Analyze the components of a Chromebook
  • Personalize a Chromebook and Google Chrome
  • Create resources using Chromebook tools
  • Extend the use of Google Chrome with various Google tools
  • Use a Chromebook and Chrome for productivity

During this course you will answer the following Essential Question:

How will using Chromebooks benefit my students and me in the classroom?

This 15-hour course should take you between 2-3 weeks to complete. You have up to 6 months to submit all coursework. 

Graduate credit is available for an additional $155 from Adams State University. You will be able to sign up after completing the course.

Link to Syllabus




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