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Design Thinking to Affect Change

This 3 graduate credit, 45-hour course will ask teachers to focus on a particular topic of inquiry, researching, sharing and becoming partners in learning as they come to understand many of the many facets and implications of their topic on the field of education. Teachers will spend time immersed in each phase of the design thinking process. First, they will work to reflect upon their own classrooms, colleagues, and students, empathizing with them to identify areas of concern, frustration or deficiency. Once a focus area is identified, teachers will spend time defining that topic by locating, sharing and interacting with current and relevant research and texts, exploring the topic of inquiry. Then teachers will spend time ideating avenues for application of their learning. They will collaborate with each other to create a prototype to be implemented in their practice, then test their prototypes in their own environments, documenting their journeys towards actual change in their own practice.

Course Dates: June 18- August 6 (Skip week of July 4)


  • Online course
  • 6 weeks
  • Mostly flexible and on your own schedule with some required hangouts
  • 45 hours total
  • Optional: 3 Graduate Credit from Adams State University ($237)


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