Supporting SEL (Social Emotional Learning) and Wellness for all Students using effective tactics and tools to support the whole child in your classroom and improve learning outcomes.

It’s time to take the mystery out of social and emotional learning.

We get it, my friend. Dealing with behavioral issues and an unstable learning environment is no easy feat.

Your day is busy enough with everything you need to get done, and then add in behavioral or emotional issues and it goes to a whole other level. Some days it feels like you move from one thing to the next and you just can’t get off the merry-go-round of dealing with behavioral issues day in and day out. It starts taking over your classroom and pretty soon other students needs aren’t being met and they aren’t feeling supported.  

So, you try to find support and guidance in dealing with this challenging issue. You spend hours researching and find no shortage of ideas or strategies to try. The problem is that nothing seems to be effective. You try new things and stick with it for a while and maybe it sort of works, but you still don’t have that positive and stable learning environment you are after. Now you are left feeling confused and frustrated without effective guidance on what to do. 

What if we could give you a practical strategy that was actually effective? 

And easy to do. 

You want to get back to focusing on teaching and ensuring that all of your students are being supported and that learning outcomes are being achieved. You know that behavioral issues will always occur, but you want to reach a point where it’s not overtaking your classroom and everyday isn’t full of new issues.
Well, here’s the crazy-good news:
Your classroom can be a positive and stable learning environment again. Imagine if you walked into your classroom tomorrow:
  • Equipped with the necessary tools, knowledge and strategies to effectively handle behavioral or emotional issues once and for all.

  • Capable of using your knowledge to implement effective SEL supports in your classroom to create a stable and positive learning environment where the whole child is supported.
  • Able to focus on ALL of your students and carry out the lesson plan for the day to ensure that student learning outcomes are being met.
  • Feeling refreshed and reenergized, excited to take on the day and engage with your students.

Supporting SEL (Social Emotional Learning) and Wellness for all Students course is your all in one guide to obtaining that positive and stable learning environment you are yearning for…

All in a 6 module, self-paced course.

As educators, we all understand the struggle you are in. It is so hard to continue to show up day after day, deal with an unstable learning environment and still feel excited about your job. It takes a toll and we know from our experience training educators that it can be challenging to find an effective resource or guidance. We have been that resource and guide to offer support and help in overcoming this challenge. 

The best part? 

We are handing over the system that we have used to help other you.


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What’s inside the SEL course, you ask?

  • 5 modules to meet you where you are and guide you through the process from start to finish of creating a healthy, positive and productive classroom for you students
  • A deep dive into CASEL’S 5 core competencies to learn how to incorporate them into your classroom approach to support all students 
  • Tools, strategies, and tips that you can immediately use to implement effective SEL supports in your classroom
  • Tools, strategies, and tips that you can immediately use to implement effective SEL supports in your classroom
  • + More
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What will it cost me?

Supporting SEL (Social Emotional Learning) and Wellness for all Students was created for all teachers, coaches and school leaders who are working to create a positive and stable learning environment that supports the needs of each child. They want a complete system. A detailed guide to show you exactly how to create this learning environment, overcome behavioral & emotional issues with practical strategies, tips and tools. What would it look like to be able to support the needs of each child in your classroom and focus on achieving student learning outcomes? 

$99/year: Sign me up!

Read the Frequently Asked Questions

Fret not, friend! This whole course is designed for you to go at your own pace. Why? Because we understand that life is busy and we know that you will get the most out of the course if you take your time and move through trainings at your own pace. You can take up to 6 months to complete the course! Everyone’s journey through Teaching Teachers with Confidence will look different and that’s the best part! This whole course is for and about you!

You will have access to it for the entire year.

Yes! The only difference between the payment plan and the one time payment option is the price. You will receive access to all of the modules immediately after your first payment. We want you to get started as soon as possible and be able to move at your own pace.

This is really up to you. We like to say that what you put in is what you get out of it. The recommended amount of time to spend on the course each week is about two and a half hours if you want to finish in six weeks! However, we recommend taking your time completing each model and making sure you understand the curriculum before moving on. Each module is designed to build upon each other and we recommend completing each module in order. The beauty of a self-paced course is that you can pause during busy weeks and take your course with you on the go.

Let me start off by telling you what the Supporting SEL and Wellness for all Students course isn’t: it isn’t a place where we just throw information at you and leave you to figure out how to apply it in your classroom or school on your own. This course is about giving you an applicable and practical guide full of tips and strategies that you can easily implement. Not only will this course act as a guide, but it is created by educators, for educators. All of the strategies and methods detailed in this course and been perfected through our experience both as educators and training educators. We know what it’s like to go it alone and that is why we designed this course to help support you and walk you through the steps of how to accomplish your goal.


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