Teach Teachers with Confidence - Adult Learning for K12 Educators

Designing, delivering, and evaluating professional development is hard. Unfortunately, most of the time PD is uninspiring, dull, and worse yet-- irrelevant. Walk away with the tools, habits, and confidence to deliver meaningful, relevant, and applicable professional development for your staff, peers, and community.

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Why Should Educators Take this Course?

Teaching other teachers can be intimidating and hard! Explore adult learning styles and how to best design sessions to meet the needs of colleagues in your training sessions. Learn to identify “why” your attendees should be there and “what” they will walk away with.

Discover tips and tricks for 1-hour, full-day, and long term learning design to engage teachers and give them the confidence they need to move above and beyond your day with them.

Participants will…

  • Understand adult learning fundamentals (andragogy).
  • Design a workshop for teachers from scratch, including elements of effective professional development.
  • Improve delivery of training based on established frameworks, best practices, and recent innovations.

Audience: Teacher Leaders, Instructional Coaches, Administrators, and Anyone Delivering Professional Development or Aspiring To.


  • Online course
  • 15 hours total
  • Flexible and on your own schedule
  • 6 months to complete the course from the start date

Optional: 1 Graduate Credit from Adams State University (additional $)

If you would like to earn one graduate credit (additional $) from Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado you can add it to your cart or purchase it at the end of your course.


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