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Teacher Leader 1 Certificate

EdTechTeam Teacher Leader Certificate is an online cohort that will inspire and empower teachers to make a difference in their classroom and change their learning environment.  A Teacher Leader is committed to the ideals of Courageous Leadership, Empowerment, Student Agency, Inspiring Spaces, and an Engaged Community.

This 12-week cohort will embrace emerging technology and current research and best practices to take an organic look at how teachers can successfully guide students to optimum success and learning. Teachers will spend 2 weeks on each of the 6 courses: Global Collaboration and Community, Project Based Learning, Flipped Learning, Visual Literacy, Assessment and Redesigning the Learning Space.  

For each course, participants will be required to spend 2 hours reading and reflecting. They will spend 4 hours completing individual activities that will build on the learning outcomes for the course and 3 hours collaborating with either cohort members or in a live hangout with experts on each topic. Each course will end with a final project that teachers will be able to take back to their classroom and immediately implement. Upon completion of the Cohort, teachers will receive an EdTechTeam Teacher Leader Certificate and 6 Graduate Credits.


  • Online Cohort
  • 12 weeks – 6 courses, 2 weeks per course
  • 7.5 hours per week – flexible and on your own schedule!
  • 90 hours total
  • Optional 6 graduate credits (additional $450)

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Teacher Leader Certificate


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Course Descriptions

The following 6 courses make up the Teacher Leader Certificate. Each course is 15 hours and you will have 2 weeks to complete it.

Global Collaboration and Community

Participants will identify the advantages of participating in a Global Community and learn how to collaborate with other educators to implement global projects in their classroom. The course will enable the learner to effectively connect with educators and plan authentic projects with classrooms around the globe.  They will also learn what a Future Ready School is and develop a plan to become a Future Ready Teacher.

Courageous Leadership

Empowered Teachers

Student Agency

Engaged Community


Students will explore different options for assessing students and providing feedback in the digital age. We’ll explore mostly formative assessment tips and tools and also creative ways that you can provide individualized feedback to students based about projects and assignments.  In this course, we’ll explore some Google Spreadsheet Add-Ons like Doctopus/Goobric to use rubrics to grade Google Classroom assignments, Flubaroo to self-grade multiple choice questions, Autocrat to provide personalized feedback on assessments and Yet Another Mail Merge to share feedback via email.  We will explore other feedback and assessment tools like PearDeck, Socrative, Kahoot and more!  Additionally, we will look at how digital portfolios promote reflection on student learning. All of the incredible learning that happens in the classroom can now be captured, curated and shared in an online student portfolio. If done correctly, digital portfolios should serve as a window into student thinking and understanding.

Empowered Teachers

Student Agency

Courageous Leadership

Flipped and Blended Learning 

Instruction time with students is valuable and sometimes limited. Flipping your classroom means your students review some content at home in order to have more class time to work on more meaningful projects. In this course, you will learn how to curate and organize your content using free tools. Also, find out how to check for understanding in order to use differentiation when your students come back to class.

Empowered Teachers

Student Agency

Visual Literacy

The curriculum of design and attention to aesthetic has always been the property of the Visual Arts. However, as so much of our media is now consumed and created electronically, a new set of visual literacies have emerged. Awareness of how an audience interacts with that medium and how to take advantage of this to strengthen their message or purpose for communication will be addressed. The course will enable the individuals to effectively find, interpret, evaluate, use and create images and visual literacy from contextual, cultural, aesthetics, intellectual and technical components. The optimal use of communication tools such as podcast, infographics, blogs, social networks, microblogs, and wikis will be addressed with tips for management and strategies to promote maximum learning in classrooms.

Student Agency

Empowered Teachers


Redesigning the Learning Space

In this learning space course, we’ll explore how the process of design can be used to create inspiring spaces that support student learning in a variety of ways.  You’ll have the opportunity to learn and apply the basics of design to create physical and digital spaces for learning, while exploring the most interesting trends and directions in learning space design.

Inspiring Spaces

Courageous Leadership

Empowered Teachers

Student Agency

Project Based Learning

Students learn better when they can connect their understanding to the real world. Across subjects and grade levels, project-based learning provides students with opportunities to experiment, make mistakes, and pursue their interests. A greater emphasis is put on innovation, procedure, and reflection, and less so on test results. During the course, participants will be exposed to various best practices across the globe. Additionally, they will discover meaningful ways to change their classroom to accommodate PBL and still cover all their curriculum requirements.

Student Agency

Courageous Leadership

Empowered Teachers

"Connectivity, Technology, and Creativity: This cohort is more than just a place to learn. It's a place to connect with like-minded people from around the world who are excited about the newest trends in teaching today. In this cohort, you will learn how to engage your students better and empower them to want to learn at their own pace, and in their own way. Want to transform your classroom? Then this cohort is for you! "

Laurie Guyon

"I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for an incredible learning experience. I learned a great deal of knowledge and feel so much more prepared for my new role as the Inquiry and technology TOSA for my school district, and although it took a great deal of time, I have to say that it was worth every minute!!! Thank you! I look forward to an advanced course in the future! :) "

Anne Marie Skaggs

"I'd also take this opportunity to thank you and all of the members of the Edtech team for this course. It has been a real challenge but so very wonderful! I always say that "my brain is so full!" and I am so happy and proud to say that. The concentration of learning has put me where I wanted to be. I don't think any other course can offer this scope of PD in such a short time. Sharleen Casement"

Sharleen Casement

"21st Century Learning Exemplified: I honestly believe this cohort contained the best courses I have taken in my 12 year teaching career. The courses are quick and keep you busy, but every single project or assignment is directly usable in your classroom. There were no "papers"... instead, there were projects, articles to comment on, and real-world (classroom) examples to work around. I highly recommend this cohort to anyone who wants to become a better (21st Century) teacher. "

Joe Cernak

"One stop PD for Future Learners, Leaders, and Teachers Our district is focused on many of the areas presented in this course. It was awesome to have them all in one place with a collection of strong resources and the opportunity to watch or participate in Hangouts with experts and teachers that are shifting the way they teach and students are learning. I would definitely recommend this cohort and course to any teacher that is looking to expand their use and and understanding of digital tools within the context of best practice and learning. "

Ben Stanerson

"“The EdTechTeam Online Teacher Leader Course provides a solid foundation for building a culture of innovation at your school. The course is for anyone; teachers, admin, EdTechTeam coaches, etc. No matter what your role, there's something for everyone.”"

Ellen Cordeiro
Information Technology Division | Kamehameha Schools - Hawaiʻi

Graduate Credit

Earn 6 Graduate Credits from Adams State University for completing all 6 courses in the Teacher Leader Certificate. An additional $450 is required for Graduate Credit.

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