Teach Teachers with Confidence 

It’s time to take the mystery out of teaching adults.

‘Cause Hey. We get it, my friend. Teaching adults can be more intimidating than students.

You’ve spent hours upon hours sitting in front of your computer researching and constructing a training session. You create some sort of outline or you construct an entire session, but slowly the doubts creep in. You can’t help but wonder if anyone will care about what you have to say and find the information useful. You ask yourself “why should someone even listen to me and trust that I know what I am talking about?”. 
So, days go by and you are still just as unsure about your session, but you’ve fiddled with it for so long that everything seems to blur together and you just don’t know what to do. Your training session is coming up and the doubts seem to ping pong around in your mind. Is the session too long or is it too short? Is it interactive enough? What if participants just want to sit and listen? Sound about right?
Finally it’s time to deliver your session. You show up pumped to get started, but nervous about people’s responses to your content. You get halfway through the session and you notice that people are starting to lose interest. Phones are being pulled out or people just seem disengaged from you and the training. You make it through to the end and you can’t help but feel that your content didn’t resonate with your audience and they went home feeling uninspired. You think to yourself “I put so much time and effort into my session, but it missed the mark”.

What if we could simplify your approach to teaching teachers?

And help you design sessions that meet your participants needs! 

All of the doubts, fears, and frustrations you experience are unnecessary. The hours upon hours of time spent redoing your sessions and the energy wasted on second guessing every aspect will be a thing of the past. Sounds too good to be true, right? 
If you thought that sounds good, listen to this news:
Designing and delivering training sessions can be an empowering, uplifting and, dare we say it, FUN experience for everyone involved. Imagine if... you walked into a training session:
  • Confident in your abilities to deliver an impactful session and also in your content. You didn’t spend numerous hours second guessing your qualifications to be training other teachers, their responses, or the quality of your content.

  • With a strong understanding of who your audience is and what they need to receive from your training to leave the session feeling excited and filled to the brim with relevant information that they can bring back to their classrooms.
  • And left with no doubt in your mind that your session not only hit it’s mark, but surpassed it with relevant and engaging content.

The Teaching Teachers with Confidence is your A-to-Z blueprint to learn the ropes to design and deliver training sessions that meet the needs of participants…

all in a 5 module, self-paced course.

We spent many years delivering training sessions that were boring, uninspiring and irrelevant. Now? We deliver hundreds of training sessions for educators across the U.S. each year that leave people wanting more. 

The needs of our audience have changed overtime, but with our system we have adapted our sessions to meet those needs and continue to grow and make a career out of teaching teachers.

The best part?

We are handing over our tried and true system that we used to get there.


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Here’s what you’ll do inside the Teaching Teachers with Confidence Course

So you can start sharing your expertise and impacting educators:

Get Started: Fast!

Upon enrolling, get instant access to the entire course - - no waiting games here! Grab yourself a snack and get comfy to start learning tips and strategies that we’ve used for all of our training sessions!

Transform your perspective

As you dive into the curriculum you will learn how to change your approach from the way you design your curriculum to how you then deliver it. You will learn how to lay a strong foundation from the beginning and understand the most important aspect of creating relevant content every time. 

Enjoy the Results

Fast forward 6 weeks, and be able to show up to training sessions confident and ready to impart your knowledge to engaged educators. You’ve left all of your fears, doubts and frustrations in the dust; you’ve mastered the art of creating relevant and engaging content. 


So how much does it cost? 

Teaching Teachers with Confidence is a course built to help any teacher, coach, or school leader looking to succeed on their trainer journey. We want this course to be accessible to everyone who is pursuing something that will support and positively impact educators, no matter what stage of the journey they are in.

4 monthly payments of $45 Best Value! One payment of $149

Read the Frequently Asked Questions

Fret not, friend! This whole course is designed for you to go at your own pace. Why? Because we understand that life is busy and we know that you will get the most out of the course if you take your time and move through trainings at your own pace. You can take up to 6 months to complete the course! Everyone’s journey through Teaching Teachers with Confidence will look different and that’s the best part! This whole course is for and about you!

You will have 6 months to access the course content before it expires.

Yes! The only difference between the payment plan and the one time payment option is the price. You will receive access to all of the modules immediately after your first payment. We want you to get started as soon as possible and be able to move at your own pace.

This is really up to you. We like to say that what you put in is what you get out of it. The recommended amount of time to spend on the course each week is about two and a half hours if you want to finish in six weeks! However, we recommend taking your time completing each model and making sure you understand the curriculum before moving on. Each module is designed to build upon each other and we recommend completing each module in order. The beauty of a self-paced course is that you can pause during busy weeks and take your course with you on the go.

Let me start off by telling you what the Teach Teachers with Confidence course isn’t: it isn’t a place where we just throw information at you and leave you to figure out how to apply it in your classroom or school on your own. This course is about giving you an applicable and practical guide full of tips and strategies that you can easily implement. Not only will this course act as a guide, but it is created by educators, for educators. All of the strategies and methods detailed in this course and have been perfected through our experience both as educators and training educators. We know what it’s like to go it alone and that is why we designed this course to help support you and walk you through the steps of how to accomplish your goal.


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