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Zero to Ninja is bitesize learning, when you need it, wherever you need it. Through hands on, move at your own pace missions, ZTN lets you jump in no matter your experience level. Each lesson is broken into missions and easy to follow activities. Complete each mission in order, or jump around, it's up to you! Videos are available to support you and contain no audio so you don't have to worry about what's around you. You can follow videos/directions exactly or remix it to your own needs. In addition you can claim digital badges for completing your missions and learn how to make your very own Zero to Ninja lesson!

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"“I was impressed by the choose your own quest, work at your own pace, and badge features. I am very curious about how I could use those applications in my math class.”"

"“I appreciated the self-paced, hands-on approach! I wish all courses were like this!”"

"“Hands on learning was so much better than just listening to the teacher... something to remember in my own classroom. Loved the "do at your own pace" format.”"

"“I really liked that is was step by step and hands on. I like how I walked away ready to set it up in my classroom.”"

"“Directions are clear, lots of support when needed but able to learn at our own pace 😊”"

Individual Courses: ZTN Basics DOJOS

Chrome Basics

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Docs Basics

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Classroom Basics

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Calendar Basics

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Gmail Basics

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Forms Basics

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Sheets Basics

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Slides Basics

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Sites Basics

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